Are you trying to block a website on your PC? You need not setup firewall filters to do this. Here is a simple trick to block the site on your system. Although many of you know this, this is for the unknown....
First of all I need to describe about the "Hosts" file
It is a file located in C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc , and it contains information about the hosts on your system...
Here are the steps
1. Go to the location C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers etc
2. You will find a file by name "hosts" with no extension.
3. Open that file in "Notepad"
4. Go to the bottom of the page where you could find the following line " localhost"
5. Now add another line at the bottom for ex: " localhost"
6. This line will block the site
The trick behind this is the IP address of local system the so called loop back address... Now when you enter a site the browser will first check the hosts file and then it would go for the DNS service of your ISP.
Now we have added the Ip address of the xyz site as, so the browser will assume that is the IP address of the xyz site and will connect to the local host itself and so the websites doesn't get opened...

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