Clear History and Temporary Internet Files

When you are browsing the internet, the Internet browser cached some file on the system as temp files for later use. Specially if your are viewing some private but your web browser will store all your information (visited websites) as a history and your co-workers, family members can trace your activates on the internet with clicking of toolbar history button or with simply press Ctrl+H. If your are using internet at any public place like internet cafe then you should clear your temp file history to safe yourself from cyber crimes.
" If your are using Internet Explorer and wants to delete the history, then first open your Internet Explorer.
" Click on Tools Menu then go to Internet Options. Here in General tab you will find the Delete Cookies and Delete files tab in the center of the screen.
" First click on Delete Cookies option to delete all the cookies in the temporary files folder and then click on Delete files option to delete all the offline temporary files.
" Now click on the Clear History button to clear your recently visited sites. You can set days to keep pages in history here. Be default it is 20 days, but you can change it from 0 to 99 days. If you set it 1 days, the system will clear your browser history automatically after one day.
" Click on Ok button to save your changes.

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